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Histopathology Research Laboratory

The Histopathology Research Laboratory is a state of-the-art facility established with support from Feist-Weiller Cancer Center and the Department of Pathology as part of collaborative efforts to provide quality, timely and need-based histology service to the entire research community at LSU Health Shreveport. The laboratory is equipped with specialized, automated, high-output equipment and is staffed with full-time histology technicians and a senior-level board-certified pathologist, Dr. Elba Turbat-Herrera, dedicated to promoting and facilitating research. The lab is also happy to serve investigators outside the LSU Health Shreveport community.

Elba Turbat-Herrera, MD
Histopathology Research Laboratory
Department of Pathology


Rm. B3-337, 3rd floor School of Medicine
[in the hallway that leads into the hospital building]

Hours of Operation 
Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  


  • preparing protocols to fit the investigators’ needs
  • processing tissue [human and animal]
  • provision of tissue controls for protocol development 
  • paraffin embedding
  • decalcification of tissue
  • cutting of paraffin blocks
  • cutting of frozen sections [H&E]
  • cutting unstained sections
  • routine staining of tissue sections [H&E]
  • histochemical special stain
  • immunohistochemical staining [with or without established protocols]
  • procedures for quantification of cellular apoptosis, cell proliferation and angiogenesis
  • antibody protocol development
  • tissue microarrays [Design, construction, and analysis]
  • review of slides for quantitative structural analysis and interpretation of morphological alterations
  • photomicrographs and pictures for grant submission, presentations, abstracts and manuscript publications
  • consultations to help plan and design studies with histology, histopathology and/or immunohistochemistry components
  • free consultations on design of studies and protocol development. Investigators will find this to be particularly helpful in situations of rather limited study tissue materials, limited funds, and/or in cases with yet-to-be established histomorphologic protocols
  • free consultations for pre-grant submission study design and review - to help optimize the histopathology aspect of grant proposals
  • lab director available to help identify prospective collaborators in the Department of Pathology and also to link investigators with pathologists that can serve as collaborators in analyzing and interpreting tissue sections and histopathology-related studies

Turn Around Time 
Dependent on the workload, service requested and request volume, but we strive for 3-5 working days turn around time. Projects involving specialized procedures such as TMA and antibody protocol developments may take longer.

Tips for Specimen Submission

  • fill out service request form completely and legibly
  • label specimen containers and document same label on the request form
  • when submitting tissue cassettes:
    • label ALL cassettes clearly
    • label EACH cassette with unique identification number or name
    • use correct marking pencils or markers that will not wash away during processing (Sharpie markers should NOT be used)
    • provide on the request form special embedding instruction when desired
  • call 318.675.8893 for help and/or inquiries

Fee Schedules 
A copy of the fee schedule is available at the Lab. Contact the Lab 318.675.8893 to request a copy.

Submission of Specimen
All work orders should be submitted with appropriately completed request form – to help ensure efficient operations and to provide for an organized and traceable workflow. A copy of the request form can be obtained by contacting the laboratory 318.675.8893.

Primary investigator’s account number or grant numbe, or the department account number will be billed directly upon completion of service. Invoices will be sent out when requested. Provision of account number to be billed is a requisite for processing of work orders.

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