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Frequent Questions

Patient Information

Is this LSU Medical Center? Yes. Feist-Weiller Cancer Center is a part of LSU Health Shreveport.

Where will I receive treatment? Once you have been diagnosed, most of your doctors and treatment will be in the Feist-Weiller Cancer Center outpatient cancer treatment building.

How do I get directions to Feist-Weiller Cancer Center? Visit Maps & Directions.

How do I get a consultation/appointment for a loved one? The patient must first be diagnosed with cancer either at LSU Health Shreveport or another facility. Ask the physician for a referral that can be faxed to 318.813.1030.

Which doctor will handle my cancer? Hematologists/Oncologists specialized in your type of cancer will manage your treatment. Our clinical staff has impressive credentials and is dedicated to your care.

What is a clinical trial? Clinical trials are research studies for newly developed treatments or investigational drugs that may reduce tumor size and eliminate symptoms better than treatments currently available. Each study answers scientific questions and tries to find a better way to prevent, screen for, diagnose, or treat a disease. People who take part in cancer clinical trials have the opportunity to contribute to knowledge about the cancer, as well as progress in the treatment and prevention of cancer. People also receive up-to-date care from doctors who are cancer experts. The terms trial, protocol, and study are used interchangeably.

Can I participate in clinical trials? All clinical trials have strict guidelines regarding who can participate. The factors that allow someone to participate in a clinical trial are called "inclusion criteria," and factors that disallow someone from participating are called "exclusion criteria." These criteria are based on factors such as age, gender, the type and stage of a disease, previous treatment history, and other medical conditions. Before joining a clinical trial, a participant must qualify for the study. Consult with your doctor to learn if you are eligible for a clinical trial.

What FREE services are provided at Feist-Weiller Cancer Center? FREE services available to patients are Partners In Wellness, cancer library, support groups, and annual screenings for various cancers such as prostate and oral, head and neck.

Can I get a second opinion without my current doctor knowing? Yes.

If I don’t have health insurance can I still receive treatment at Feist-Weiller Cancer Center? Yes. We accept patients with or without insurance. For information regarding health plans, call 318.675.7737.

Are Feist-Weiller Cancer Center doctors in network with the same insurance plans as University Health? Yes. All Feist-Weiller Cancer Center doctors are in network. Feist-Weiller Cancer Center is a division of LSU Health Shreveport, and we accept most major health plans that University Health accepts.  Here is a list.

How do I refill a prescription for my cancer medication?Call 318.626.1000 and follow the prompts for a prescription refill.

Medical Records

How do I get a copy of my medical records?  Call Release of Information at 318.626.2097. The process will be explained and any questions you have will be answered.  Release of Information fax is 318.675.5785

What if my doctor needs a copy? A physician's office can call 318.626.2097 and make arrangements to have information faxed to them.

Is there a charge for a copy of my records? Yes. Fees for copies of records are determined by Louisiana state law; they will be explained when you call Release of Information at 318.626.2097.

Can I get a copy of my radiology film? Yes. To obtain a copy of x-rays call the medical record department at 318.675.6205. The process will be explained and any questions you have will be answered.

Is there a charge for a copy of my X-Rays? No. You must present a photo ID and the X-Ray will be copied to a CD. 


Each hospital room has a phone for patient use. You may give your room's telephone number to friends and family so they can call you directly. Patients are allowed to make outgoing call from the hospital at any time, incoming calls are blocked from 9 p.m. until 7 a.m. to allow our patients to rest. If you do not want to receive any phone calls at all, please tell your nurse to restrict your calls.

  • To make a local call, press 9 followed by the number you are trying to call.
  • To make a long distance call, press 9, then 0, and then the area code and number you are trying to call.
  • To make a call using a pre-paid calling card, press 9 before following the instructions on the calling card.
  • To make a call on campus, dial the last number of the prefix (5 or 3), plus the four digits of the extension you are trying to reach.

Safety & Security Instructions

Identification badges are worn by all LSU Health Shreveport employees. The badge shows the employee’s name and photo, title or position, and the name of the department or unit where the employee works.

  • Rubber (latex) balloons are not allowed in the hospital. Mylar (shiny) balloons are allowed.
  • LSU Health Shreveport is a smoke-free facility. Outside smoking areas are provided for the convenience of our patients and visitors who smoke. Check with your nurse before leaving your room to smoke.
  • Walk slowly and carefully when out of bed. Wear slippers or shoes for walking. You may need help to get into and out of bed. Tell your nurse if you feel weak or dizzy.
  • Storage space for your personal belongings is available in your room. We suggest you send jewelry and other valuables home with a family member. If this is not possible, locked storage for valuables can be provided upon request.
  • Hospital staff participate in fire and disaster drills on a regular basis to practice safety procedures. Drills may be announced by overhead pages or alarms. Your nurse can tell you what to do in case of a real emergency.
  • LSU Health Shreveport police officers patrol campus constantly and can answer your questions about hospital security.


The cafeteria is on the ground floor of University Health Shreveport and offers hot meals, sandwiches, and salads. Visit the cafeteria page for hours and today's menu.

Gift Shop

The LSU Health Shreveport Gift Shop is on the first floor of the hospital. Open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Gift Shop has everything from balloons and candy, to holiday gifts and toys, to baby gifts and jewelry, as well as some common medications. For more information, call 318.626.0022.

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