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Diagnostic Services

Patient care centers around three important steps: clinical presentation where symptoms are documented, a pathological (laboratory) diagnosis with review of patient samples (blood, bone marrow, lymph glands, spleen, or other tissues) and the implementation of appropriate treatment.

Following the clear definition of the pathological diagnosis, approriate treatment is identified and started. To achieve this end, standard laboratory instrumentation including automated methodologies, microscopy, laser-based flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, cytochemistry, molecular diagnostics and chromosome analysis (karyotyping) are used.

This team is composed of medical technologists, allied scientists and pathologists. Using the above technologies the team generates a pathology report based on observations at the cellular and molecular level. Once the clinician receives the report, appropriate treatment is ready to begin.

Feist-Weiller Cancer Center has a complete array of diagnostic services to determine the best course of treatment and monitor progress. The close relationship with the academic resources at LSU Health Shreveport ensures the latest technologies are available to patients.

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