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Breast Cancer Focus Group

 Leader Heather Kleiner-Hancock, PhD, 318.675.8559

Advancing breast cancer therapy by translational research efforts through collaborative work of basic and clinical scientists

Heather Kleiner-Hancock, PhD
James Cardelli, PhD
Fleurette Abreo, MD
Patrick A. Adegboyega, MD
Gary Von Burton, MD
David Coleman, PhD
Shubnum Chaudhery, MD
Quyen Chu, MD, MBA, FACS 
Jun Chung, PhD
John Clifford, PhD
Samuel Crooks
Arrigo De Benedetti, PhD
Mark DeCoster, PhD
Isaac Downs
Allison Dugan, BS
Ellen Friday, PhD
Carmen Gadsen
Ludmila Gavriliuc, MD, PhD
Mychal Grames
Alana Gray, BS
Hemangini Dhaibar
Shile Huang, PhD
Emily Ilgenfritz
Cyndi Joseph
Nebu Koshy, MD, FACP
Benjamin D.L. Li, MD, FACS
Reinhold Munker, MD
Emily Lane, BS
James Mathis, PhD
Glenn Mills, MD, FACP
Misty Prince, BS
Kevin Pruitt, PhD
Derek Rainwater
Abhijit Rath, BS
Robert Rhoads, PhD
Sharon Ronald, BS
Madhurima Saxena
Rona Scott, PhD
Runhua Shi, MD, PhD
Guang Sun, BS
Xuedong Yin

The breast cancer research group is a multidisciplinary group of researchers from the clinical and basic sciences, formed with a common interest and focus to tackle the fundamental biological and clinical questions related to preventing and treating breast cancer. In addressing this challenge, the researchers aim to develop a number of common platforms to investigate the disease process, including in vivo models to test novel chemopreventive and therapeutic agents, advancing tumor imaging applications, and molecular diagnostics, such as tissue microarray (TMA) and other genetic strategies. 

Overall goals of the group:

  • improve our ability to stratify and prognosticate breast cancer
  • improve our understanding of the mechanistic pathways regulating breast cancer behavior
  • translate into therapy our understanding of the mechanisms of breast cancer biology

Publications of the Feist-Weiller Cancer Center Breast Cancer Focus Group

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Glutaminolysis and glycolysis regulation by troglitazone in breast cancer cells: relationship to mitochondrial membrane potential
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Establishment of a Mammary Carcinoma Cell Line from Syrian Hamsters Treated with N-Methyl-N-Nitrosourea
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SIRT1 Positively Regulates Breast Cancer Associated Human Aromatase (CYP19A1) Expression (2013)
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Effects of auraptene on IGF-1 stimulated cell cycle progression in the human breast cancer cell line, MCF-7
International Journal of Breast Cancer. Volume 2012, Article ID 502092

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